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MX records not propagating

Hi there

netlify site name:

custom domain:

Almost 48 hours ago I tried to reduce the TTL on my MX records but could not figure out how so I added new records and then deleted the old (the only difference being the TTL).

Emails haven’t worked since and a search shows no MX records.

Any ideas?


Welcome to the forums @webdevjpw

Can you show (text or image) the settings you have entered for your MX records? Might help diagnose the issue.

Here is a snap.

So you originally post regarding justinwalsh.design but the records in your screenshot are for justinwalsh.co.uk. Nothing is showing for either domain though in terms of MX records.

From the image the I can see nothing amiss.

When you set the records, they looked like this?

Oh sorry, yes, I’m having problems with all of my domains. The problems that affect .co.uk are the same as those that affect .design.

Yes, I did set up the records they way you show with the exception that I added a TTL manually.

Hi @webdevjpw,

You’ve been affected as mentioned here:

Check out the output:

justinwalsh.design.     86400   IN      NS      ns2.krystal.uk.
justinwalsh.design.     86400   IN      NS      ns1.krystal.uk.
;; Received 93 bytes from in 138 ms

I’m sorry but this may be academic now.
This happened over the weekend and now I need emails to work so I’m trying a different dns provider for these domains.

Oh, and I see our replies have met in mid-air.

Yeah indeed. In short, Netlify is not actually controlling the DNS of your domain. You either need to allow Netlify to do so, or use external DNS - both these options are explained in the above post.

Thank you. It was Netlify controlling the DNS for several months. On Friday I changed the MX TTL and I stopped getting emails over the weekend. Now that it is critical I am trying a different DNS zone for these domains and it seems to be working.

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