Multiple webhook calls from editors - build queue

Hi, I’m adding a button in our CMS to trigger the build by webhook.

What happens if multiple user trigger it in the same time?
Could I manage a queue or do you do it for your own?

I tried to call a webhook manually multiple time and I saw that you discard them if a build is in progress… And it’s the perfect behavior for us but I don’t know if there’s a limit or something like a black list after a number of calls.


We’ll queue for you as you saw. The essential pattern is:

  • first hook arrives, build is started
  • second hook arrives, since build is running, it queues
  • third hook arrives, since build is running, it queues
  • first build finishes
  • our system sees that second hook’s build would be IMMEDIATELY overwritten by third, so skips second. Would also skip any others that arrived while first was building (any number).
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