Multiple Forms Get Messed Up


we have a problem with using multiple (two) forms in a gatsby website.

All works fine after a fresh deploy but after a couple of hours one of the forms starts using the fields of the other form (which are empty).

The forms are:

Form A
source :

Form B :

It is Form A that is broken and shows the empty fields from Form B in the dashboard. Interestingly also old messages got updated and so no longer show the values they had before.

Can you help?


Hi @svenefftinge!

I don’t have quick fix for you, but what I do in these situation is to check if the HTML generated by React is valid. If it’s valid then I would suggest to go trough this list about debugging forms.

If nothing works maybe this is a Netlify issue in this case try to change the ‘name’ to something else that would create a new form endpoint on Netlify’s end

Good luck!