Mulitple Image Widgets per collection

Hey There, I’m trying to set up a collection that has multiple image widgets. This is for a client site that will have a list of projects, each project has multiple photos. I’ve tried setting multiple image widgets, but each one gets set to the same image. Am I trying to do something outside the bounds of cms (doesn’t seem like it) so perhaps I am missing something. I’m looking to return an object that looks like this:

projectName: 'string',
projectType: 'string',
featuredPhoto: 'path/to/image/',
photoTwo: 'path/to/image',
photoThree: 'path/to/image'

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ask a question and find the answer. Not sure what I did differently but this is working now.

I see you’ve discovered that we hired a gentleman last name Murphy on our team now to ensure that answers arrive seconds after questions.

I don’t know what might have been the problem, but I am glad to hear that it is cleared up! Do let us know if you have followup questions and we’ll see if we can get Murphy to fix them up, or barring that, we could look into and fix a problem that doesn’t fix itself hopefully!

Take care.