Moving domains and sites away from Netlify

Hi there.
I had one or two websites using Netlify, however due to the fact that my ISP blocks websites that are on Russian servers, I sought to move them away from Netlify’s services onto Vercel. (
This however hasn’t exactly worked well, as I deleted all the DNS records from Netlify’s site but am still unable to access my site from my devices because of the fact that, it seems, there is still some link to Netlify’s servers and services.
Is there any way I could get some support in removing my and my away from Netlify servers?

@tonycre8 You site seems to load fine for me, and the DNS looks as though your site is served by Vercel. Have you tried visiting your site in a private / incognito window?

Hi, @tonycre8. I’m showing that domain ( is not using Netlify DNS at this time and the DNS service being used does not direct the domain to Netlify (meaning the external DNS instructions are not being used either).

Please keep in mind that TTL (time to live) values on the previous not the new DNS records affect the time the previous record is cached by intermediate domain name servers:

To summarize, it does appear you have resolved this now but if there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Yeah I think it has solved now. Thanks a lot! Was just having a lot of initial frustration with it. Turns out it was once again my router that just decided to block my website. So we changed the DNS service on our router to fix it aha.