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Moving domain name back to original registrar , nameserver and DNS settings

Hi, I am pretty new still to deployment and Netlify. I tried to read the docs and go from there, but I would appreciate your help so I know for certain I won’t run into any (major) issues, my site is https://priceless-dijkstra-2369b5.netlify.app/

I want to make this a simple holding page whilst the full website for the client is in production.

The custom domain is “shoptish.co.uk” and is registered with IONOS.

My main question is… how easy would it be to change to an aname, cname and nameserver settings back to the original, so they are pointing to IONOS? Is it as simple as resetting these settings with IONOS the domain provider, or do I need to be aware of any additional steps? I want to move to Netlify knowing I could point back again simply if I need to.

I also have 4 sets of nameservers set up with my domain from IONOS. Do I remove these completely and then add Netlify nameservers, or do these need to exist as well?

Thanks so much, I appreciate this is quite a basic question!

Yeah, just resetting it back to original should do. You’d also have to delete the domain from Netlify dashboard. It won’t be a problem if you don’t, in the sense, IONOS will be serving your website, but it might create problems when you try to return to Netlify in future. So, deleting from Netlify is also an important step.

Yes, you need to remove those. At a time, only the name servers of a specific provider should exist.

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very helpful answer, I’ll give this a try! thanks :slight_smile:

Just another thing, with the MX servers, do I keep these pointing to ionos or is there a Netlify mail service? @hrishikesh

No, Netlify doesn’t have any mail service. So, you’d have to use an external service’s MX servers just like you’ve it now.

Okay, so I keep the MX server the same as they are now (pointing to IONOS) and this will work as an external service
? @hrishikesh

Yes, it would work as long as the DNS is configured as per their instructions.

Hi @hrishikesh , I have changed the nameservers and ANAME and CNAME according to the instructions Netlify provides, now though my mailserver is not working and I am not receiving emails to my website email address. I spoke to an advisor from Ionos who’s said it should work in about an hour once the change has populated, is that correct, or do I need to reconfigure as per this thread [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?? Thanks for your help

hi vivid, yes, you would have to work through those steps! we don’t provide a mail server here at netlify, but as outlined in that article, other solutions are possible that may work for you.

that has worked thank you :slight_smile: