Moving custom domains between sites when using netlify dns management does not work

So I have my domain registered elsewhere but nameservers managed by Netlify. Everything worked fine until I wanted to assign it to a different site on Netlify.

I first removed as a custom domain for site-example-aaaaaa and then add the same custom domain for site-example-bbbbbb

I feel like the way I did this did not work correctly. I assumed Netlify dns management would no longer point to site-example-aaaaaa.

Here is the issues:

My site listing shows site-example-bbbbbb as the site registered for

However, under the main Netlify domain management UI it is reporting that is linked to site-example-aaaaaa instead (via the special NETLIFY) record.

My actual site seems to be being served out of site-example-aaaaaa even though there is no custom domain set on that site.

I am also having Netlify Forms issues with not submitting on the domain (but does on preview of deploy using netlify domain) which I assume is caused by some mis match in which site is being used by the custom domain.

I made this change yesterday and I thought it might fix itself but I might have hit an edge case.

Thanks for all the assistance, just trying to help as well.

edit: I have attached a screenshot. I had to black out some details and put them all into one image (new users can only attach one per post!?).

hi there, did you see this guide already? If what you are trying to do is a site transfer, this might help:

if not, please visit Support | Netlify, and choose dns/site transfer from the dropdown menu on the right, and we will assist you.