Move to Gatsby For Build; Use Netlify For Host


Relatively recently I moved my build process to gatsby cloud because my workflow was eating up too many build minutes on netlify.

After testing this for ~1 month, I felt comfortable switching it completely and using the site that is pointed to by gatsby’s cloud build to take advantage of Netlify’s CDN but optimize my build.

Unfortunately, I had hooks set up to make sure the build would pass with Netlify and now they’re hanging up my MRs – wondering if anyone else has seen this / has any idea how I might fix it.

Is it just a wait and see thing? Or is it more than that?

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Move the site that was pointed at my repo to a different repo
  2. Delete the site that was pointed at my repo altogether

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

The repository and halted MR is here:

D’oh! I figured it out - it’s all under the Branch Protection Rules.

Just needed to unselect the old rules.

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