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Modifying DNS for subdomain of subdomain of a .edu URL


I’m trying to coordinate configuring DNS to point rfta.lib.utk.edu at my app (iiif-canopy.netlify.app). Our university manages the utk.edu domain and we are able to add apps to the .lib subdomain.

When I configure things in Netlfiy, I’m told this:

Log in to the account you have with your DNS provider, and add a CNAME record for rfta.lib pointing to iiif-canopy.netlify.app.

rfta.lib CNAME iiif-canopy.netlify.app.

I’ve been told by the central IT people that they can’t help because the manage utk.edu – not rfta.lib. What do the actually need to modify in the DNS record?

That’s how DNS works. To get a subdomain rfta.lib.utk.edu, you need to add a record named rfta.lib for the domain utk.edu with the mentioned type and value.