Misspelled domain name

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I’ve just registered a domain and paid for it, but have realized I misspelled it. Is there any way I can change it without having to pay for a new domain? (I need to get rid of the ‘n’ before ‘animator’).

If you find out, let me know. You will probably wind up buying the domain name you want, and redirecting the other domain name to the correct name. When the misspelled domain name expires, just let it go.

@lumogas, did you buy the domain through netlify or through another service?

How long ago did this purchase happen?

Thanks for the replies, chaps. I’ve bought the “proper” domain name, as suggested, and I’ll let the other die in a year.

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sounds good. As greg suggested, totally a great idea to point the typo domain to the valid site until the domain bites the dust.