Missing pages after Hugo deployment

Hi Team,

My custom domain is muratunalphd.com and my Netlify one is muratunal.netlify.app

When I deploy my Hugo site via continuous deployment from my git repo two of my pages under my ‘Portfolio’ tab are missing. This does not happen if I deploy manually by dropping the ‘public’ folder. I can’t figure out why this is happening as the folder used for publishing is the ‘public’ folder and it is the same in both cases.


@muratunalphd You can try downloading the result of the build to check the files that are within it:

Are you able to provide an indication of what is missing?
Is the repo public and can you provide a link?

Thanks. I did that. The index.html under the project folder is different between the two deploys. Interestingly, the file has the correct version in the public/project folder in the repo, but when it gets deployed it leaves out two pages. As I mentioned, when I manually deploy it correctly shows all pages.


@muratunalphd Just trying to ensure anyone assisting is looking in the right place, when you say that the “pages are missing”, do you mean…

  1. That there are “html files” that exist in the local build output but not the Netlify one?
    If so, which html files? in which directory?

  2. That there are “links on a page” that exist in the local build output, but not the Netlify one?
    If so, what links? on what page?

Number 2: There are links on the project page that appear in the local build output as well as after manual Netlify deployment, but are missing after continuous deployment via my git repo. The missing links are fewer-clicks-more-purchases and impact-of-online-product-sampling. Both links are present under the public/project folder both locally and in the repo.


Make sure you’re using --buildFuture flag with hugo, so your command should be hugo --buildFuture. The timezone on your local device could be different than that on Netlify’s systems.