Migration from existing Netlify account

We are working with a vendor who developed a site on Netlify. We are hoping that we can get that site migrated to our newly created Netlify instance. Is that something that you support?

hi @crs-digital ! welcome to netlify. We would need a little more information to best advise. What is the name of the site in question? custom domain, API ID or netlify site name would all be helpful for us.

The site we would like to copy over to our new instance is: https://crs-malaria-tool.netlify.app/

hi there @crs-digital , do you have access to the source code that powers that site, or the netlify account that owns it? We’d need to prove ownership somehow before we migrated it (I’m sure you are telling the truth, but for everyone’s protection we cant just move sites without proving ownership in some way)