Migrate domain name

hi, community
i’m migrating a wordpress site hosted in hostinger to a jamstack architecture, i’m building a frontend with nuxtjs and i’m hosting it on netlify the probleme that i’m facing is how i can keep the wordpress backend ( hostinger ) and the frontend ( netlify ) under the same domain name.

@okuninoshi Use different subdomains of your custom domain. This will most likely entail changing the subdomain for your WordPress install, which means you will have to do a MySQL search-and-replace afterwards to get your WordPress install to function as expected.

i pointed my domain to Netlify DNS, it worked fine but i lost the wordpress access even though i pointed it to a subdomain,

We will need you to provide more details, please.

hostinger part :
when i pointed my domain to use Netlify DNS my host provider removed access to manage the WP site because the DNS are no longer mangaed by theme,
Netlify part:
the domain was transferred and it works, but the calls to the API endpoint are no longer possible because of the transfer, is there a possible way to configure this with one domain or i need a separate one ? thank you

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