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Meta: Please remove the code that hijacks search on this site

This is a meta request, specific to this forum itself:

The code on this forum that hijacks my browser’s search functionality (cmd+f or ctrl+f) is super annoying and breaks the ability to search a thread for a keyword.

I think the majority of users are coming here looking for specific details in a thread from a Google (or otherwise) search, and not trying to search topics from the entire forum when they type the keystrokes to search a page.

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hey there,

thanks for posting. Which browser are you using on which operating system, please?

I just tried to reproduce and was unable to - my search acts just as it should (chrome on windows), so I am wondering if this is only something that affects certain people in our forums :thinking:

Im using Chrome version 80 on OSX 10.14.6.

Weirdly, you’re right that this appears to happen on some forum pages and not others. For example, cmd+f on this page opens the normal browser search, whereas on Hosting a file along with my function it appears to open the site search… odd since they appear to not have much variation in UI or URL.

Also, thanks for looking into this~~

hey there,

I looked into this a little more, and this is a Discourse (the software that powers our forum) setting that isn’t under our control.

it’s a long thread, so, here, specifically, is where they clarify that the search is only hijacked on threads of a certain length:

It would be nice if this was a setting we could control, alas, it is not. :expressionless:

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Ah interesting decision on their part. Thanks for looking into it.

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