Memory access out of bounds issue


I’m getting the following error on building which is happening due to a dependency of a dependency: vscode-oniguruma seems to be demanding more memory than Netlify can allocate to Node.

My site is tangerine-tartufo-8439a0, and it’s an Nx site deployed from the following public repo: GitHub - endymion1818/personal-frontends-monorepo: monorepo for frontend projects using nx and astro

Builds are working OK locally, and on other projects in this monorepo successfully.

I’ve opened a ticket with the package that has this as a dependency: Out of Bounds memory issue when deploying to Netlify · Issue #492 · shikijs/shiki · GitHub

Is there a way of allocating more memory to Node processes in the pipeline?

I sidestepped this issue by using Astro’s built-in <Code /> component. Although it too uses Shiki, it doesn’t seem to create the problem.