Membership Site for Email Subscribers

How do I make a registration site that AUTOMATICALLY invites only those who’re in my Email List or for Email Subscribers with an Email Marketing Software?

hi there, can you tell us more about what you mean by Email List?

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking, but it seems like this could possibly be accomplished with serverless functions:

I was thinking about it because I’ll only let the BUYERS invite them for registration automatically. (BUYERS - Which is in my email list. An example of the email marketing software is GetResponse. I’ll make a website with a FORM where they’ll submit their emails). Then if they’re in my email list, it will automatically invite them for membership registration.

Note: The email list can be multiple and separated from the Email Marketing Software, Therefore it should only be on a specific List can be invited.

Not sure - that sounds like code you’ll have to write. Our staff can’t consult on implementation, only on how our service works :slight_smile: You might like to look around here for a consultant such as @talves who is able to provide consultative help on jamstack projects.

Is it possible to extract their names and emails from netlify identity widget? So that I can transfer them to my email list in email marketing software.

There is no built in way the the user interface (UI) of our web app to do that.

The list is displayed in the UI. This means it is possible to use our API to gather the names. Note, this endpoint isn’t documented here.

The endpoint looks like this:<site_id>/identity/<identity_instance_id>/users

So, to use that API end you would need to “reverse engineer” how it works. However, as our UI is using this endpoint when you view it, it is possible to do so using your browser while logged in. There is more information about doing that here:

If all else fails, you can copy/paste the email addresses.

We can also create a feature request asking for an export to CSV option for these login email addresses. Feature request are not guaranteed to become reality, though. They only make the feature more likely and, because of this, I’m looking for solution for you which will work today.