Media tab showing "no assets found"

Hi there,

In the cms interface, clicking on the Media button populates the media modal but it states that “no assets are found”.

Here is a sample of config.yml.

media_folder: "static/assets"
    - label: Artists
      name: artists
      - label: "Image"
        name: image
        widget: image
        media_folder: "/static/assets/banner/{{fields.slug}}"

Images from artists collection are uploaded in “/static/assets/banner/my-artist/” for instance.

There are different image fields within this collection with media_folder pointing to different folder to keep things organized.

I would expect all images to be shown when user clicks on Media but it does not show any asset, probably because the media_folder at the root is pointing to “static/images” and not the actual paths where images are uploaded.

Is there a way to show all assets when clicking on Media button, regardless of the folder they are placed in (provided it’s under the path specified in media_folder at the root of config.yml?)


Change the media_folder to static/images.

Apologies, there was a typo in my first post.

The root media_folder points to “static/assets” and the collection field points to "/static/assets/banner/{{fields.slug}}.

I wanted to keep the field media_folder in a separate folder to keep things organized.

Any idea?


Try using just static for the media folder instead.

There’s one favicon.ico at the root of the static folder. Changing the media_folder to static shows the favicon in the Media, but nothing else.

Hi @ameego and welcome to the community.

The global media folder doesn’t support directory navigation and shows only top level files.
We do have a feature request for it:

You should be able to see those files when opening the media folder when editing an entry.