Media Management - Asset filtering / tagging

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I had a look but couldn’t find a feature request. Would it be possible for media management to enable assets to be organised in a specific manner? Ie - we have a raft of images on our site that I have to wade through - would be good to have a way of organising these assets so that they can be browsed a bit more easily?
So for example we have assets for our news section and our production sections - would be good to tag them and filter so I can just organise assets by section, as an example mechanism


@MattB-FS Welcome to the Netlify community. What is your build process?

Oh sorry - I need to post in the Netlify CMS forum - forgive me

To respond, I think we’re using Hugo (sorry my agency built the site) and site hosted at github.

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Hi - it was a feature request – not a request for solution - to add meta-tags to the media manager so that media can be filtered.

hi there, could you file an issue for that feature request on the repo please? thanks :raised_hands:

Hey Perry - have done so, thanks for your help.