Media assets widget unable to find assets


I have trouble with displaying my assets in the assets manager tab.


I have a Vuepress + NetlifyCMS repo on my company self-hosted Gitlab instance.
I deploy with gitlab CI on firebase and use git LFS for the assets.

media_folder: “/website/.vuepress/public/img”
public_folder: “img”

Here is my relevant project structure

And here is my relevant build output

Hi @skafendre and welcome!
The CMS doesn’t support LFS with GitLab at the moment.
LFS support is available when using Large Media on Netlify with a git-gateway backend, or when using a Bitbucket backend (contributed by the community).
You can either submit a feature request or even take a look at the recent Bitbucket contribution if you’d like to contribute yourself.

Ah ok, thanks for the information !

I have opened the following feature request:
I’m afraid I won’t be able to contribute on this myself.

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