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Max requests per second

We’re new to Netlify and before we develop any further we are trying to understand if there are any quota limits on the number of requests per second?

We have an application that could potentially receive 100K requests within a very short time period, typically 2 minutes of each other before going back down to near zero requests.


Hi @tidze,

We apply rate limiting for HTTP Auth or Site-wide password based deploys, not otherwise.

However, 100k requests within 2 mins sounds like a high number. While the CDN can handle that, would you be able to detail what kind of a thing you’re trying to build?

Hi @hrishikesh

Thank you for the quick response and answer. For now, we’re only planning to use the CDN - we’ll be hosting a single Vue.js file that then communicates with our API to handle the rest. We’re interested in the instant cache invalidation and like how you handle build/deploy.

We host virtual events, so there’s a high amount of concurrency before the event begins as people load the event page. Once we’ve authenticated and loaded the virtual venue things settle down as the video streams. We then use external services to handle the realtime data e.g. the live chat.

So, it sounds like Netlify CDN should be fine to handle the high number of requests to serve the Vue.js file?

According to the description, yes, it sounds like something possible. Considering your API is able to handle that many requests, Netlify can serve the frontend without any issues.

Great, thanks for the confirmation. We’ll test it, but sounds like we can proceed.

Thanks for your help!

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