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Manual deploy stalled as "Deploy in Progress" with no log entries


I’m trying to update my site (Netlify URL: elastic-wilson-b4f549.netlify.app/) but am running into some problems where the process seems to stall at the “Deploy in Progress” phase. I am manually deploying using the drag and drop method. I’ve updated the site successfully this way in the past (as recently as June 22) and don’t know what could have changed between now and then that would be causing the snag, since the only changes are some pretty superficial stylistic adjustments. Unfortunately there are no log entries associated with my attempted deploys. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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It will be a bit hard to dive into this further without seeing your most recent deploy log. That being said, there are a few threads that contain related issues:

Let me know if these are beneficial! If they are not, please send over what debugging steps you attempted as well as a link to your project repo! Thanks :slight_smile: