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Manual deploy and ignore command


we are maintaining a mono repo using the ignore command in netlify.toml. This works very well for automated deploys. In rare cases we want to trigger a deploy manually (eg to clear the build cache). Unfortunately the manual deployment is canceled as well. Shouldn’t these manual build not treated like deploys via webhook and run without restrictions? Are there any workarounds like trigger an ignore script and make a deploy decision based on environment variables?



If you ask me, they should “ignore the ignore flag” :stuck_out_tongue: on manual build, I would consider this a bug, perhaps file it as a GitHub issue?

Hmm, no, we intend for your ignore script to always run. If we didn’t run it sometimes, more people would think that was a bug :slight_smile:

You could commit a different ignore script (which would cause a build, same as if you pushed the button), and then revert it (which build would be skipped due to the script), to create this temporary effect.

A build triggered by a webhook runs constantly and ignores the “ignore command”. I agree with freddy. Imagine your CMS doesn’t trigger the webhook by accident and you won’t be able to trigger the build manually via the Web UI. If you’re maintaining a monorepo that relies on a build script to trigger the build and you didn’t commit to the repo your build will never run.
Thanks anyway. Of course we will always be able to trigger a build by committing. Perhaps a third build button like “Build without cache and ignore script” would be a proper solution.

Hey there, @fraed :wave:

Thanks for your response here.

Could you share a little bit more about your third build button idea? With more details and a clear use case, I would be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf. Thank you!

It doesn’t make sense that someone wants to trigger a manual build that’s going to be ignored.

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Hi @hillary,

as mentioned, ignoring a manually triggered build doesn’t make any sense. In my and @freddy opinion this should be treated like webhook triggered builds.
This button is a workaround to trigger a build which is not going to be ignored due to the “ignore command”. Our specific use case could be described as:
As a owner of a monorepo running an ignore script I want to be able to trigger the build manually without paying attention to the result of the ignore script.

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