Manifest.yml - React Responsive Carousel

I need some help
Trying to use React Responsive Carousel

Diagnosis: The build failure is caused by a missing “manifest.yml” file for the “@netlify/remix-adapter” plugin.

Solution: To resolve this error, make sure that the “manifest.yml” file is included for the “@netlify/remix-adapter” plugin. You can create this file in the root of your project and ensure it contains the necessary information for the plugin to function correctly.

@markymarkaz I don’t understand your post.

I presume the diagnosis/solution are AI generated, have you tried what it suggests?

yes it is Ai answered from Netify and yes I’ve followed the help but it seems to take me down a rabbit hole of really no help. What info/code is inside the file or do i realy need it, can i remove it from the build? May advice on another Carousel plugin Thanks

What site is this in reference to?

looking to add a carousel to the /example Page so the videos are not stacked on the page

How’s this a Netlify question? Please post this in a web-dev forums where people can help with your code.