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I published my website on netlify server using github but the js file wasn’t obfuscated, however
I have managed thank God to obfuscate my js file and i added it to github main and referenced the obfuscates js file instead of the unobfuscated one so my question is : do i have to delete the unobfuscated js file from github repository or because it is no longer refrenced in the html file of my website there is no need to delete it ?

Hi @Magi

Depending on how the project you are deploying is built, the old file quite possibly doesn’t get deployed.

If you don’t want this file committed, ensure it is in the .gitignore and tell git to not track it via git rm --cached <filename>. However as the file is not tracked, if you delete the directory from your computer, you can’t recover it from GitHub.

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The old js file was deployed at first on netlify server from github repository but when i managed to obfuscate it i uploaded the obfuscated js file on github main repository without deleting the unobfuscated one and refrenced the obfyscated js file in the html file of the site instead of the unobfuscated one . So in github repository i have both js files however only the obfuscated one is refrenced so do i have to delete the old one or no need to delete it ? I just want to be sure that no one would see my source code after i purchase a domain because it has been uploaded firstly on netlify server

You can delete your previous deployment to be sure that file is not deployed to Netlify. About your Git repo, as long as your repo is private, you need to worry about your source code leaking, but if you want to be more sure, you can use:

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