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Make the url subdomain appear in the Bar, i fixed it but the page load without css, js

I wanna redirect example.com/me to me.example.com I have redirect it but it load just HTML without CSS and js

Hi @MaddaBored

Are you wanting to redirect example.com/blog to blog.example.com, or wanting to show the content from blog.example.com at example.com/blog? I ask because these are two very different things.

If you can provide the custom domain you are using, as well as the Netlify site(s), this information will greatly assist others in helping you.

I wanna redirect example.com/me to me.example.com, the netlify site is maddsec.netlify.app and the custom domain is white-ops.ga

Hey @MaddaBored

This seems logic if you aren’t hosting the CSS or JS on the domain me.example.com, unless you’re using relative paths for the CSS and JS to example.com?


No, I’m hosting the css and js on the domain, but it works some times and some times when I build don’t

@MaddaBored maybe try under Deploys to click on Trigger deploy > Clear cache and deploy site.

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Thank you it works, it was very fast

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@MaddaBored you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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