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Main domain not getting resolved via the DNS. But www version works!

I have a domain called “simplysign.in” The website is on my Gitlab repository, and I was succesful in instructing Netlify to pick up the HTML, etc from there to host the website. At the registrar, the NS for simplysign.in is indeed pointing to the NS of Netlify ( dns1.p06.nsone.net,dns2.p06.nsone.net,dns3.p06.nsone.net,dns4.p06.nsone.net)

www.simplysign.in has got hosted correctly. It is pointed to the internal subdomain of netlify: ecstatic-visvesvaraya-b11e02.netlify.app But for some reason simplysign.in is not getting resolved at all – It seems to have got lost somewhere along the way!

The strange part is that the Lets Encrypt certificate has been installed for both simplysign.in as well as *.simplysign.in – so navigating to www.simplysign.in is no problem!

I tried switching the registrar to another NS and return back to the NS of Netlify, but even that does not seem to be working. I am quite flummoxed. This is the first time I am encountering such an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @limenleap

Welcome to Netlify forums.

I navigated to https://simplysign.in and was redirected to https://www.simplysign.in. Also using cURL I (e.g. curl -IL https://simplysign.in) I am redirected to the www subdomain.

One thing to note is even though the address viewed is www.simplysign.in this isn’t always reflected in the address bar e.g.

however when the address bar is viewed, it will show the www

Thank you. I guess it was a DNS propagation issue. First time I have seen it take so long

Ah, I think I spoke too fast. Unfortunately, from India I am still seeing the same problem! It has not yet got resolved. Initially (after @coelmay wrote) I thought this was a glitch in my Internet provider here, but turns out that even at Netlify, the page there is indicating the same issue! See screenshot. I am still scratching my head about this.

Just to be sure I tried browsing using https://geopeeker.com and sadly found that www.simplysign.in works but not simplysign.in

Can you provide a screenshot of the record you have in Netlify DNS?

Sure. Thank you for your reply.

Thanks @limenleap

Everything appears correct there.

The reason that I am able to access simplysign.in is due to the IPv6 records. I.E. In Chrome DevTools I see:

Remote Address: [2406:da1c:6aa:c000:3257:de9:cb67:d5d]:443

This record corresponds to a host lookup

$ host simplysign.in
simplysign.in has IPv6 address 2406:da1c:6aa:c002:eead:ad9:3289:44ad
simplysign.in has IPv6 address 2406:da1c:6aa:c000:3257:de9:cb67:d5d

Compare this to

$ host www.simplysign.in
www.simplysign.in has address
www.simplysign.in has address
www.simplysign.in has IPv6 address 2406:da1c:6aa:c002:eead:ad9:3289:44ad
www.simplysign.in has IPv6 address 2406:da1c:6aa:c000:3257:de9:cb67:d5d

It is possible there is something I am missing, or it is possible there is a hiccup in Netlify DNS. Either way, I shall flag this thread for a Netlify Support Engineer to look into.

In the meantime, anyone whose network uses IPv6 will have access to your site.

Thanks. I appreciate the effort… There is something that I vaguely remember (if memory serves me right) that prior to hosting the webpages using Netlify, I think I had hosted simplysign.in on an AWS server briefly, and it did have an IP address. And I was using Netlify DNS even then. More than a few months back; that is why I am not sure. I hosted the static webpages via Netlify only a few days back, when I noticed this problem. Maybe the Netlify engineer could check if the earlier A record is still hanging around in some cache or something?

Hi @limenleap,

Could you please recheck this? I checked our backend, and it looks like the UI and the record in the backend was out of sync, that is there was no record for the apex domain in there.

I’ve now manually added it and to me the issue appears to be fixed. Please check it from your end too and let us know.

Hi. Thank you! It seems to be working now. Great to get such wonderful support on the free tier itself. I am grateful. Will surely remember this.