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Lots of integrity check failures today

Lots of integrity check failures or missing expected files (in node_modules) today during the yarn install step of our project, always on different packages. Locally all seems fine, tried clearing my local yarn cache just to make sure.

Just a few examples (all redeploys of the same commit):

Would you try deleting (or regenerating) your lock files?

Should I need to? A clean install (no cache, no node_modules) works fine locally, so the lock files must be valid. Either way, I will try.

Regenerating the lock files didn’t help, all it did was update minor versions for a couple of packages. Builds still failed.

Temporary fix was to remove postinstall scripts (they cd’d into a subdir and ran yarn install there, outside of the root yarn workspace, this was the yarn install that was failing). Those aren’t needed for this particular Netlify deployment, but still it’s strange as it used to work perfectly until now, and they do work on my localhost.