Lots of bandwidth is being used but I have no idea what app is responsible


I have a couple apps and in recent days I got emails from 50% bandwidth to 75% to 90%. And I have no idea what app is responsible for this. You can only see team usage and no app usage.

These apps don’t get much traffic. Which makes the mystery much bigger for me.

How can I find what app is responsible? Had a couple images hosted on Netlify and changed it to a CDN. But can’t imagine this is lots of GB because the site doesn’t get much traffic.

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Earlier this morning it was 90GB and now its 98GB? How’s that possible?

hi there, which netlify site is this regarding?

Here’s most of them.

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the fitcrm is https://fitcrm.netlify.com/

Hi there!

I ran a report which shows your account’s bandwidth usage by site for June:

It looks like choose.guide is using all of the bandwidth.

You might want to check that those images you referred to are optimized for the web.