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I am the ecommerce manager from Royal Coster Diamonds. A former employee created a netlify website which we don’t have any access to because we don’t know which account created it. We would like to get that website fully deleted because our customers can find it on google. The following link needs to be deleted: https://royal-coster.netlify.app/

Can someone help me out?

Hi, we cannot take down a site without the authorisation of the person who created it. Can you try reaching out to the former employee and have them write in about this?

Hi Sam,

Thankyou for your reply, unfortunately this is not possible anymore. What else can we do to find a solution to this situation…

Hi Sam,

Could you give me a solution on this topic, because we really want to get this site deleted.

With kind regards,


Hi @Matthijs without the original person writing in we cannot take the site down without their explicit permission. You have two options

  1. Reach out to the former employee
  2. Submit a DMCA takedown request

I understand this is likely not the outcome you were looking for. Please let me know if you have any other questions.