Looking for some insight about workflow

I am a freelance developer always looking to improve my workflow and delivery to clients, and JAMStack has opened a lot of doors as well for more performance, but as far as comparing to the traditional workflow of hosting reseller accounts, or shared hosting accounts, etc, that allow us freelancers to make residual income with maintenance/hosting plans, what would be the appropriate alternative to setting up and managing multiple client sites? I see that the paid plan only offers 3 concurrent builds, and room to purchase more, how would that fit into a traditional workflow or amend it in some way? are these builds considered each running site?

Hey @scott_prins,

Concurrent builds are on a per-account basis. So, if you had 4 different builds queued up at any one time, the 4th would enqueue until one of the 3 had completed. We won’t can it off or forget about it, it just has to wait in line. As such, I believe that most workflows will remain unchanged!

If you would like to elaborate further or share more of an insight, we can delve in. Otherwise, rest assured, builds will queue.