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Looking for clarity on what the proper build commands are to deploy a templated site

Currently, I’m working with a bootstrap portfolio to help a friend land a job as a technical recruiter.

  • [nicholasbostic.netlify.app] (https://nicholasbostic.netlify.app/)

  • The page hasn’t been found because whenever i change the path of index-2html and the name of it to index.html, the website’s css, even when linked properly, takes hours just to load. (even after being minified)

Hi @zhadjah9559

The site is there, but inside /template-files/ (ie. https://nicholasbostic.netlify.app/template-files/index-2.html).

You do not need a build command as it is already built. You need to change index-2.html to index.html. Instead of using base directory set the publish directory to template-files.