Login issue with github auth

Cannot login to admin to add a new post, (I use github auth)

URL: Content Manager

Git Gateway Error: [object Object]

I had this issue on Thursday, it went on Friday but is now back again on Saturday.

Scott Parker (Netlify) said to clear the cache, I have done this.

Feb 26, 2021, 11:12 AM EST

Hey Daniel,
I think that this related to your token having expired. You might want to clear your cache and log back in!

I have tried to do this.
Sometimes I can login, sometimes I cannot.
Now I cannot and I have content to add.
Can you tell me how I should do it with the brave browser?

Hi, @masdmh. It sounds like an issue where the javascript blocking in the Brave Browser might be blocking the javascript required for the Git Gateway to functions. Does the issue only happen with Brave? If so, it sounds similar to the issues reported here:

If that is the root cause, the solution would be to include an exception in Brave telling it not to block this javascript.