Login auth email issue

…trying to login to the admin panel of a site I have set up using hugo cms and the supposed simple click to start cms setup. Hence am now a very frustrated new user! All help very gratefully received!!!

Please please can someone make it easy for me as it was described?

he site is run from here: GitHub - masdmh/one-click-hugo-cms

I made the changes to admin/index.html and config.yml which were requested of me as per the docs.

Been trying for a few hours now so need help from you to continue. Otherwise the one click set up of the old wordpress type platform will be drawing me back towards it!

Have you created an account via netlify identity? You will need to create an account for your site and login with identity rather than your own login that you use for your Netlify admin panel.

EDIT: I’ve just gone through the process myself @masdmh and once the site is deployed you will receive an email inviting you to join:

Which then asks you to create a password: image
Once entered, you are automatically loggedin:
Then you can go to /admin and view the CMS accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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Writing a detailed post will help us solve your issue quicker.

Can you clearly describe the issue you are facing.

Generally speaking we need these details to do any kind of troubleshooting:

  • Netlify Domain (.netlify.app)
  • Git Repo if you have one
  • Latest deploy logs (either copy and pasted or linked to)


thank you thank you Aaron!