Log in with email/password for editors without a Bitbucket account

Hello everyone,
I cannot figure out how to use Netlify Identity with NetlifyCMS, so that editors without a Bitbucket account can edit posts after logging in with an email and password.
When an editor accepts the invite, the admin page asks for a password, which makes sense for a signup.
After a password is typed, the modal reads “logged in as (email adress)”.
I would have expected an automatic redirect to the CMS page, but nothing happens.
Upon closing the modal, there is a “login with Bitbucket” button, when I was expecting the CMS to run.

Hi @manube and welcome :slight_smile:
Netlify CMS uses Netlify identity and git-gateway to access your repository:

The problem is that git-gateway is not supported for Bitbucket at the moment:

We can probably provide a better error message for that in the CMS and I recommend up voting the linked issue.

ok @erez, thank you :slight_smile:
So basically, email/login with Bitbucket as a repo is not yet supported?
In the meantime, I guess I should just use another Git provider, then?

Email login is supported, just you need the git-gateway part to work with the CMS which is not supported (you could use email login with Bitbucket for identity, just not with the CMS as it requires repo access via `git-gateway).

You could try another Git provider or self hosting your git-gateway instance. Looks like some work has been done to facilitate git-gateway, so maybe you could make that work in a fork:

@erez thank you very much for your time :+1:

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Hi @erez. I have the same issue as I need to have email and password enabled with BitBucket but that’s not possible. you mentioned self hosting git-gateway can you help clarify that part and how I can achieve that. Thanks!

Hello @lauragift21 :wave:

You can see https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/issues/1027 and https://github.com/hfte/netlify-cms-with-selfhosted-gotrue-and-git-gateway for self hosting gotrue and git-gateway.

That will get you half way as git-gateway only supports GitHub and GitLab (but has initial work to support Bitbucket).

I would:

  1. Fork the git-gateway and gotrue repos.
  2. Follow https://github.com/hfte/netlify-cms-with-selfhosted-gotrue-and-git-gateway to run a self hosted version from the forks (I would start with a local version) for either GitHub or GitLab.
  3. Once I get it working for GitHub or GitLab, see what it takes to make it work with Bitbucket.
  4. Possibly contribute that as a PR.

On another note, as Bitbucket has very strict rate limits compared to GitHub and GitLab I would avoid using it with the CMS if you plan to author more than a few hundreds of files.