Local forwarding to Netlify

I recently started developing APIs for myself and some of my games. I want to know what the best solution for forwarding local ports to Netlify is. My APIs are running locally as NodeJs-Servers with Nodemon and MongoDB on a raspberrypi and I want to forward the ports (e.g. 3000, 3001) to Netlify. If that is possible, I would like to have my game-versions API accessible by https://singular-sunshine-86abba.netlify.app/version/snake

The site name is singular-sunshine-86abba.netlify.app

Hi @DNAScanner,

You’d have to make your local computer accessible by the entire internet over those ports. Then you can send requests to those URLs just like you’d send a request to any other URL.

For now, I’m actually using a DNS, but for the future it would look a bit unserious if I use some random DNS. I just need a solution to forward it to my Netlify site, so i can later put it on something like tictactoe.dnascanner.de

hi there @DNAScanner - i think this falls a bit out of what we can provide support for, but if you have other/more specific questions please do start another thread.