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Loading posts from subfolders

Hello! I’m trying Netlify CMS for our site. We have ~1300 posts arranged in folders by years and months, a bit like this:


How do I set up Netlify CMS to correctly load these? I’ve tried the nested beta feature. That displays all years in the sidebar (yay!), then I can expand those and see months (double yay!), but upon clicking on the month I see no entries. The expected folder structure documented for the nested feature is different from ours, so I guess that’s where the problems come from. What do I do? Thanks!

Hi @zoul,

Could you share you config? I can see that there’s an option called depth that might be able to help you. Are you already using it?

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I’ve got a very similar example live here, the posts are arranged by years. All posts are loaded fine:

But clicking on a tree node shows an empty collection. I’ve got a screenshot, but can’t upload it since I’m a new user :man_facepalming: The config is here.

I’ll get a support engineer to up your trust level. Bear with me.

We’ll try and find a solution here but might I suggest also going to the official NetlifyCMS slack… the guys over there are bound to have run into this issue before.

It’s done.

About the actual problem, does it help by any chance to increase the depth? Maybe try huge values like 10, 20, 100 just to experiment?

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Thanks for the karma bump, appreciated! As for the depth tweak, sorry for ignoring the question previously. I have tried and it doesn’t change anything (even setting it high enough). I have turned off nested collections for the moment and use the path setting to load the posts correctly from subfolders. That works, but lacks the nice tree structure in the sidebar. Will try the Netlify Slack when I have more time. Thank you very much!