Live count-down timer on website's Go-Live Date


My name is De’Shawn and I am a new community member.

Quick question regarding newly created domains. Do you all know of a service/plugin/ for a static webpage with a dynamic countdown timer for say a Go-Live date in which the site will be live?


Hi De’Shawn, welcome to Netlify, good that you are trying it out. I moved your post to somewhere it fits a little better.

netlify itself doesn’t offer anything like what you are describing - ultimately we are more of the platform than the product (we build the table, you cook and serve the meal…)

it wouldn’t be too difficult to build something like what you are describing, however. There may be a JS solution already, or, you might be able to build something like what you are describing with something like moment.js

Maybe some other folks have some ideas too.

Hi Perry,

Thanks so much for getting back to me and providing this information.

I will look into moment.js or considering building a dynamic page as you suggested.

Thanks again!


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