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Links to pages not working


Newbie here finding her feet and need some help…

Just deployed a site - https://hardcore-shockley-1f7bbf.netlify.app/

There are links to pages via the 3 lines in top corner but the drop down aspect doesn’t appear to work likewise to the cross on the modal message on the homepage doesn’t work. It did from my laptop so not sure what I am not getting for it not to work on here. Any help/advice gratefully received. Many Thanks

Hi @DustyFairy

In DevTools is the error

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()   app.js

This contains the functions for the menu and modal and are therefore not found and cause further errors.

Ah thank you so much! Rookie mistake I somehow omitted the js file! - thanks for your help :slight_smile: