Linking to a site for which I am not the owner with Netlify Dev

I have built a site relying on functions. For it to run locally, I would like to use netlify cli
Since updating to the lastest CLI version the netlify dev is trowing an unauthorized error at me.

  • The site is hosted on a friend’s free Netlify account
  • After updating, I unlined and linked the site using the site ID
  • Everything seems fine running netlify status and I can see I am using my personal account
  • when I run netlfy dev I have the following error

Error: Failed retrieving addons for site [SITEID]: Unauthorized. Double-check your login status with ‘netlify status’ or contact support with details of your error.

My guess is that I should add myself as a member of my firend’s team, which would move him to a non free tier.

Is there any other way to authorize myself to run Netlify dev locally against this site which I am nor an owner nor a team member of ?

Hi, @jeromecoupe. You friend can also create an personal access token and share that with you:

Setting that to the environment variable NETLIFY_AUTH_TOKEN will allow your Netlify CLI instance access the account where the token was created.

​Please let us know if that doesn’t work for you or if there are other questions.