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Linking from Other Page

My site name: i-column-online.netlify.app

So I have a fully functioning blog app created with nuxt.js. And it’s working fine, as I can look at the blog pages inside.

However, I have another page (different url) where I’m linking to the blog post within i-column-online.netlify.app.

So when clicking from another link, it should go to a page: i-column-online.netlify.app/(slug_value)

However, it gives me this message:

Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.

Why is this happening? The link is the same, but I don’t know why the page is not showing up.

Hi @rfujiwar23

I don’t get a 404 when visiting the URL you showed. Was able to load all others I tested too.

Can you try a different browser, or private/incognito window to see if there is local caching causing an issue.

It loads on another browser or private/incognito window.

From the above link, I got three blog posts that should be linking to the corresponding article on the netlify page. But when I click on the link (underlined), I just can’t seem to get the link to show up.

SPA’s need a redirect for dynamic pages to load directly:

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Exactly what I was about to say @tomrutgers!

So, just out of curiosity, from searching the web, I should configure redirects directly onto my nuxt app (code)?

I think Nuxt has an option to make it a fully static web app and thus, you should not require any redirects. I’m using NuxtJS and I don’t see this problem with any of my websites.

The redirect rule mentioned here is usually required by create React app based websites, but some other tools might need it too. Are you using target: static in your Next config?