Link mutiple react projects on one domain


So I made three different projects with react, and I’m trying to make them all together. So I launched one domain with one of the projects and linked the other two with buttons for each so that users can access the other two projects on the domain website. When i clicked the button, it linked to the other projects properly, but the url is still left with the netlify url (ex. I wanna make them to keep the domain url instead of indicating the temporary netlify url when the button is clicked .


Hi @Tongil :wave:t2:

Can you give me more information about your overall tech spread? You have three React-based projects - is each one of those individually its own Netlify Site? Happy to help you work through this but need a bit more info :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind:)

yes, they all have their own netlify url and one of them has the custom domain.