"link exists, all config must be empty"

Hi, @rjbernaldo, I did unlock all the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records for all the custom domains on your account when I replied but I didn’t actually say that in my response.

Any other record type can always be deleted and the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records for all your custom domains are unlocked now as well.

Please feel free to delete those records now and if there are any issues when doing so, reply anytime and we will be here to troubleshoot.

Thanks @luke but when I try to add an A record pointing to an ip address, I still get “link exists, all config must be empty”

Hi, @rjbernaldo, did you delete the conflicting NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 type record first?

There is more about those records here.

If you are still having issues after deleting the records, please let us know exactly what DNS record you are trying to create.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t see them on the dashboard but they keep showing up when I check using a DNS lookup tool.

I am trying to create an A record pointed to an IP address to establish mailchimp domain verification.

can you post a screenshot of your domains in the netlify dashboard, please?

Hi @perry

I only have one A record right now

but I’m still getting old IP addresses using a dns lookup tool

Let me know if you need anything else.

I’m also having issues with this while trying to integrate with Mailchimp. What’s the best way to go about this?

Hi, @Samuelote. We have a guide about this here:

I unlocked the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records for the DNS zone on your account. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

For you, @rjbernaldo, I’m see one potential issue. The Netlify DNS name servers for this DNS zone are the ones listed below:

However, you are using different authoritative name servers for this custom domain:

$ whois coinfu.io | grep -i "name server"
Name Server: DNS1.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS1.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P07.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P07.NSONE.NET

Please change the authoritative names servers at the domain registrar to match the DNS zone at Netlify.

Beside that, however, I am seeing the correct A record returned for admin.coinfu.io:

$ dig admin.coinfu.io A  +noall +answer

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> admin.coinfu.io A +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd
admin.coinfu.io.	9	IN	A

This matches the IP address in Netlify DNS. The second screenshot you included is for the apex/bare/root domain (coinfu.io) shows the A records linked to the NETLIFY type DNS records. That is correct which is correct as the NETLIFY DNS record still exists.

If you want the apex domain to point elsewhere, first delete any/all NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records for the apex domain and then add the records you want to exist instead.

If either of you have questions about this reply, please let us know.

Hi @luke,

I’ve changed the DNS zone to the correct dn1/2/3/4.p03.nsone.net from p07 but I still can’t add A records.

I literally only have one A record and that’s for admin.coinfu.io.

I want to add as an A record for root domain (@) or coinfu.io itself but I’m still getting the same error. Can you try to add it and troubleshoot from your end please?


Hi, @rjbernaldo. You still have a NETLIFY type record for coinfu.io. As the support guide states:

There is an important behavior of these NETLIFY type records. These records will block the creation of any A, AAAA, and CNAME records for the same domain name. Also, these NETLIFY records cannot be deleted by default. (This might change as there is a feature request to always make these editable.)

You must delete the NETLIFY type record for the same domain name before you can create an A or CNAME record for that domain name.

If there are other questions or if you still cannot create the A record after deleting the NETLIFY record, please reply anytime.

Hi @luke,

That fixed it. Thanks for the help!


Hi, @rjbernaldo, we are happy to as assist and thanks for letting us know it is working now. That is great to hear! :+1:

Hi @luke or anyone :slight_smile:
I have the same issues. I need to create an A record to point to a Vercel app that I have but I can’t create one.

Can you allow me to delete the Netlify records please?

Yup! Just got that bit flipped for you, the delete button should be there now.

Hi! I’m experiencing the same error. I’m a bit confused about one thing tho. If I copy and paste all the DNS records except for the A and the AAAA records, will everything still work the same?

If so, is it recommended to use the default Netlify records instead?

If not, could you please enable me to delete the existing Netlify records? :slight_smile:

The website is qblox.netlify.com

Thank you!

howdy, we flipped the switch for you that allows you to edit your dns records now. Let us know if this doesn’t work for some reason.

I copied the records, but still no results…

I tried switching over to Netlify with an external DNS earlier (added A record + CNAME record to domain-name register), but with no success. I reset everything after that. Ever since, the message: “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.” is displayed in the HTTPS section. Could it be that that’s related to the DNS settings not responding correctly now?


hey there, i think it is working now, just needed a little time to figure itself out.

Yes the netlify.app worked fine from the start! That isn’t the issue.

These errors and warnings don’t really make any since. When running a dig command the nameservers and DNS records seem to be configured correctly, mail transferred successfully as well, but Netlify is still displaying the same error from my previous attempt.

Could I have overlooked something? :slight_smile:

I created a new Netlify instance and what do you know, it works! On to the next issue:

qblox.com returns the previous version of the site
www.qblox.com returns the correct version of the site