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Link custom domain to AWS EC2 instead of gitlab repo

My custom domain is https://beyondexams.org

It was linked to the following netlify site:

Now I want to move beyondexams.org to an AWS EC2 static IP:

So I removed the domain connection.

But now when I try to add A record with ‘@’ as its name and AWS EC2 IP as its value, I get the error:
dns_api beyondexams.org - beyondexams.org/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

For now, while this error is not resolved, I have reverted back to linking the domain with netlify site

Hi @BeyondExams

It is a requirement of Netlify’s Self-Serve Subscription Agreement that any site using Netlify DNS point to a site with Netlify. Given that, if you wish to host your site elsewhere, you will need to move you DNS away from Netlify.