Link breaks in Nuxt Website


Someone kindly assist me with this. The site in the repo below has been built using Nuxt+Tailwind.
I have gone through the following articles and steps but still getting a broken link when submitting.
Where might I be going wrong?
Please assist and find a link to my repo below.

Thank You in advance and looking forward to your earliest response.



Thanks for writing in. In order for us to help debug the form, we need a link to the live form to test. Can you please provide it? Thanks!


Apologies for the delay. I am not to sure which link you are referring to but I am safely assuming that the link below is what you are referring to.

Thanks and looking forward to your response.


Hi @AlexCsmas,

I did a test submission on your site and it looks like you aren’t submitting a form-name field. Are you using JS to submit the form or just html?

Hi Futuregerald,

Just HTML.


hi @AlexCsmas - just to be sure, you already saw this guide and worked through it?