Link between Gatsby, Github and NetlifyCMS

I am new to Netlify and so far it looks really good.
However I have NetlifyCMS linked to Gatsby and GitHub.
If I make a change on NetlifyCMS then it replicates that to GitHub and then I fetch that change down to my PC where Gatsby is - that seems to work fine.
If I change something in Gatsby then push it to GitHub Netlify picks the change up and builds it and then I see it on my Netlify URL - that seems to work fine too.

My problem is this, yesterday I added a page in Gatsby and it shows fine on my localhost:8000 and so I built it etc and then sent it to Github and Netlify picked it up and built it fine, BUT when I go into NetlifyCMS I can’t see that new page despite it appearing on the Netlify URL.

I am using the

Thanks in advance for your help


Welcome to the community!

To see the new Page you have to make some changes, so NetlifyCMS can see and make changes to the page you newly added.

  1. You have to define the new page in static/admin/config.yml
  2. You need to define a template src/templates/ folder, just like how index-page.js is implemented

If you created a new blog post (NetlifyCMS calls them collections because you can create multiple of them) then that should be present in the site. If you still having trouble raise an issue in the gatsby-starter-netlify-cms repo.
You can also check the Netlify CMS Documentation

Good luck!

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