Limit monthly charges / put a limit of $30 on monthly charges?


I heard about some nightmare scenarios where due to unresponsive API’s or something like this (Swell Has Been Down for nearly 10 hours · swellstores · Discussion #199 · GitHub)
Is there a way to limit the Netlify charges so in case of bugs, we won’t get some very expensive bills?
Example: put a limit of $30 on monthly charges?

Thank you!


What do you mean limit the Vercel charges? This is Netlify’s Support forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I corrected the question.

Hi @luiginica thanks for clarifying. I see my colleague has responded to you in our helpdesk. For posterity I will also be responding here.

Unfortunately there is not a way to limit monthly charges/cap. If you do get a surprise bill the team is always happy to investigate and refund accordingly. Please note we all send out emails if you are for example approaching bandwidth so you don’t incur unnecessary charges.

I hope this helps!