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Lfs 404 when accesing URL

I am trying to set up Netlify LFS, all the files seem to be present and everything “appears” to be working fine except when trying to access the file via the URL.

Site Name: datawhys.ai
Large file URL: https://datawhys.ai/DataWhys-For-Retail-Banking.pdf

Everything appears to be building fine and the site is deploying without any issues. However, I receive this error when trying to access the large PDF file defined above:

{"code":404,"msg":"File not found"}

With that said this is what is returned when running netlify lm:info,. I’m not sure if this is related though.

:heavy_check_mark: Checking Git version [Git-117)]
:heavy_check_mark: Checking Git LFS version [2.13.3]
:heavy_check_mark: Checking Git LFS filters
:heavy_multiplication_x: Checking Netlify’s Git Credentials version
→ Check that Netlify’s Git Credential helper is installed and updated to the latest version

hi there!

did you see this guide already?