LetsEncrypt certificate

My webpage has now gone to a “landing page” with namecheap (my domain provider).

Website is www.aglet.club.

I am trying to renew my LetsEncrypt certificate on Netlify and get the “www.aglet.club doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify” error. I am on namecheap and am using cloudflare (but proxy is off).

All has been well for some years but now I seem to be stuck and cannot figure out the issue. Site is jolly-nobel-5c78.

What else can I provide to help? Thanks!

Hey @TexasDave

aglet.club (and the subdomain www.aglet.club) aren’t served by Netlify. DNS is pointing to Namecheap, not Netlify (or Cloudflare.)

Namecheap shows aglet.club was registered in 2020. I wonder if it still is. Did you perhaps forget to renew it? This might explain why it is now pointing to the Namecheap landing page.

jolly-nobel-5c78 is also not found.

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Everything is now working. Weird.

Only thing I want to do now is point aglet.club → www.aglet.club.

Working on that now. :slight_smile:

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