Let's Encrypt trying to include a stale domain in the automatic certificate

I’m working with nftygalleries.netlify.app, and previously I was using the domain cryptoexhibits.com, however all evidence of that domain name has now been removed both from the site (my first attempt at fixing the problem), and my account (attempt 2!). Even having done this, letsencrypt keeps trying to include cryptoexhibits.com as one of the domains in the SSL certificate, which I find really odd. I’ve also tried removing every single domain and adding just nftygalleries.co (the domain under the control of netlify) but that hasn’t worked either. Help?

hi vethan,

hey there, we can definitely try and help with this, but while we’re talking I wanted to let you know ]that we ask all businesses in the NFT/Crypto space to speak with our sales and solutions team to purchase a contract to ensure that your site is on an appropriate account level for your usage. Our High Performance Edge product is usually a necessity to be able to handle and administer successful launches.

We have seen many customers who have sites like these get attacked, and on our lower plans, such as Starter and Pro, which you are currently on, these attacks tend to harm our main network. If you stay on the Pro accont level, we may not be able to keep your site online should an attack on your site harm our network or jeopardize the uptime of other customers. Further, many NFT/Crypto sites have generated bills for thousands of dollars worth of bandwidth used during launch, and we do take steps to ensure we are compensated for that use should that happen here too. You will need to make sure you have the money in US dollars available to cover any bandwidth expenses.

I’ve passed your info along to sales, so you can speak with them about your use case! If the above info changes whether or not you would like to proceed with hosting on Netlify, we encourage you to make the decision that is best for you, which might mean moving to a different provider, if the above seems unreasonable to you.