Let's encrypt certificate working for one but not on the other one

my website projectarin.com is certificated but www.projectarin.com is not getting certified. I don’t really understand the underlying issue. My website is apparently seems secured in windows and android devices but not on macOS. It was working fine but for a day domain shut down for some reason and I removed the domain from netlify and then put it back there again. After then, it’s not getting certified. Please I need urgent help.

@bilguudeiblgd Each version of your site loads for me with HTTPS, so maybe it just took a bit of time for the certificate.

Are you still seeing this issue where you are?

Yea, it still is showing the error. Anyways thanks for replying. I removed the html-form I was using on the website which was using netlify’s form service because with the form existing in the website, the website’s HTTPS was not working on the mac.

Hey @bilguudeiblgd, I’m not at the keys at the moment but is the problem still persisting? Looks like the changes have propagated and your site is working, for me!